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Monitoring Your Cloud Applications

At DCODE, we specialise in custom, cloud-based solutions. However one of the key concerns businesses have when migrating their software to the cloud is the ability to monitor and manage the application in a timely manner. At DCODE, we have a number of tools available to monitor your cloud-based software - ensuring it remains online and error free.

Once we deploy a cloud-based solution, we look to keep an eye on the following issues that may arise:

  • Downtime of the server;
  • Errors on the server/in the software; and
  • Client-side errors on the site.

To do this, we build in a number of monitoring tools to help provide feedback/information about issues or concerns that arise with your software.  This enables us to pro-actively manage any issues and resolve them in a timely and efficient mannger.

Monitoring Server Downtime

It can be difficult to check on servers 24/7.  Unless a user has notified you of a problem, often they can go un-noticed for some time.  At DCODE, we implement server monitoring tools to notify us if your server becomes un-available - allowing us to proactively investigate the issue and provide a resolution. 

Monitoring Software Errors

When deploying online solutions, there is always the chance that an error may occur.  In the past, organisations/developers have required feedback from the affacted user - which has often meant following up on "what did they see?" or "send me a screenshot?".  At DCODE, we implement full error monitoring in the application - allowing us to dive into the details of any error to resolve what occurred and how it can be resolved.

This can ensure greater peace of mind when working with custom, cloud-based solutions and provides us with confidence to deploy and maintain business-grade solutions.

Monitoring Client-Side Errors

Another level to cloud-based solutions is client-side code - responsible for much of the "animation"/"interaction" between the sofware and the user.  With the ever-increasing number of devices that users connect to online solutions, it can be a never-ending tasks to ensure that the system works across every desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile-device and browser variants!  However, out monitoring tools can help to ensure we capture and diagnose any errors we receive across these devices.  This allows us to constantly improve and monitor the software - constantly improving the experience for end-users.

Monitoring of cloud-based solftware has become commonplace for software we develop at DCODE.  And it has proved invaluable in improving out understanding of how the software is being utilised while providing a greater experience for our clients and their end-users.

If you're looking to develop custom software for your business, contact us today to find out how we can work with you and your team to develop a strong, reliable and robust system.


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Written by

Andrew Sirianni

Andrew founded DCODE GROUP with the goal to develop custom software solutions...