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If your business is selling directly to other businesses in a B2B environment, consider how you can adopt technology to facilitate the process.  eCommerce B2B (Business-to-business) offer a more tailored experience that regular, consumer-based platforms don't offer; eCommerce B2B (Business-to-business) systems have paved the way for systematic exchanges of goods and services between companies; however, the absence of some features can affect the facilitating transactions in B2B environments, and this is where custom software development can help optimise your systems.

Technology now underpins much of what we do; in the commerce space, it has become an enabler in what is very much a repetitive process-driven space - by allowing us to systemise common tasks/functions.  While much focus has been placed on consumer-driven eCommerce, often the opportunities in the Business to Business (B2B) space have been overlooked. Having worked with a number of B2B businesses, we have seen enormous opportunities for custom software in the B2B space; but the goals and challenges faced in B2B are often different from regular, consumer-based platforms...

...this is where we see opportunities.


Online commerce (or eCommerce) is essentially the process of facilitating commercial transactions online. Using technology, businesses can advertise their wares, promote products and facilitate sales - tracking the sale from purchase through to delivery.  But while consumer-facing solutions are focused on wider, target markets,  B2B solutions are often working with a vetted group of consumers that are knowledgeable and looking to purchase in more sophisticated platforms. 

As such, many consumer-based solutions can often underperform in B2B scenarios.

Some of the features we have seen to be useful in B2B platforms include:

  • The provision of marketing material about the product - to help with the on sale
  • Registration and Approval process for Customers
  • The ability to split payments over multiple payment providers
  • The ability to order in bulk amounts
  • Bulk pricing discounts
  • The ability to re-order from past orders
  • Quick and easy access to documentation of prior Orders - ie Invoices;
  • Purchase of Products not in-stock, but in-bound;
  • The ability to manage multiple warehouses
  • Management of flexible shipping options;
  • … and more

As is evident from our experience - many of these features are unique to B2B solutions and as such, a system that is tailored to a B2B environment can have a great impact on facilitating transactions in B2B environments.

If your business is selling directly to other businesses in a B2B environment, consider how you can adopt technology to facilitate the process.  We have worked with a wide range of merchants in the B2B space across a broad range of industries and can help to identify opportunities to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.  Contact us today for more information.


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