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Our Project Management System has changed: Dcode Support is now Kanopi

Custom Software Development

As we grew, we were on the search for a Project Management Platform that could help facilitate our business operations. But each platform we looked at seemed to have way to much "bloat" that resulted in us spending more time managing the software than managing the project.

After much deliberation, we developed our own Project Management Tool.

Now, we've launched the latest release - along with a re-brand - and we're pretty excited by the results!

Introducing Kanopi

We're excited to see Dcode Support re-branded as Kanopi - our Project Management Tool of choice at Dcode Group.  And along with the re-brand, some pretty neat features!

But first - why Kanopi??

The name was derived from the word canopy - a reference to the protective and "covering" layer of a rainforst.  In our mind, Kanopi was designed to be that covering/over-arching layer of our workflows/operations and provides end-to-end coverage of all facets of the business.  So we think the name will stick!

New Features!

Along with a new name, we added some new features:


Inline re-scheduling/allocations:

Easily re-schedule/re-assign a Task from the Task board itself.  We provide both a Scheduled Date and Due Date - to allow workflow to be planned ahead of the delivery deadlines.


An intuitive search:

Our guided search allows you to search on multiple elements - enabling you to drill right down to the Tasks you're looking for.



Integrations with BugTracking and Issue Collection tools ensures that all monitoring and feedback from Projects can be collated in one place.


Interactive editor:

We don't just provide a text box for Task information - but a Rich Text Area with text, bullet points, code samples, images and checkboxes.  This has provided a huge improvement on how we manage and share information about Tasks.


... and many more features!


If you're looking to try a Project Management System, give us a call to see if we can be of assistance.  We would be happy to provide access to Kanopi; or even develop a Custom Project Management System for your requirements!


Written by

Andrew Sirianni

Andrew founded DCODE GROUP with the goal to develop custom software solutions...