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Why You Need to Move Away From Manually Managing your Business Processes

Custom Software Development

Systematise, by definition, is 'to arrange in or according to a system; make systematic'. When we explain to our clients what we do, the one word that comes up over and over again is systematising. Many businesses are built on processes - tasks that have been designed and developed (and refined over time) to provide customers with the best service possible in an efficient and a productive manner. Most of the time businesses will look to tools such as Excel or Access (or, dare we say it, paper) to manage workflows/processes. But there comes a time when replicating these processes becomes difficult using these methods and a better solution is to look to use custom software which allows for better replication of "best practice" in the business.

Consider this:

  • How do you know if your projects are delivered or will be delivered on time?
  • How do you know if you need to allocate more or less resources to a project?
  • What oversight functions are in place to ensure the project information remains up to date?
  • Are preventions in place to make sure others aren't modifying information like schedules without anyone knowing?

While Excel (and other software like Excel) may be able to manage or keep a track/plan, it is essentially static data linked by formula/linkages; and while you may have established a procedure for using the spreadsheet, the spreadsheet is often difficult to share (often stored on a physical computer rather than the cloud) and difficult to enforce your patterns of use (that are designed to result in the outcome you're looking for). On the other-hand - cloud-based software can be developed to be shared and used by more than one user; while at the same time enforcing the use/outcomes that you design.

Regardless of whether your business is one person, five or 1000, as you scale and grow your business needs will outgrow what these basic software solutions offer and you need to move to a software specifically suited for your business. The benefits of being able to enforce (and scale) best practice procedures compounds with more resources/staff.

We look to work with you to identify the underlying systems/processes you want to enforce and then develop custom-software solutions that suit your requirements. Using the most suitable technology for you, we take these repetitive processes and put them into one platform freeing up your resources to be used more efficiently elsewhere.

We've recently wrapped some projects that do exactly this. The end of any project is a great time to look back over what we've created and see the benefits it's already bought for the business using it.

Edge Group

Edge Group are a full service environmental consultancy that offers a range of services to the public and private sectors.  A key area of their business is in Asbestos Inspections/Management. Working with DCODE GROUP, Edge Group developed a bespoke Asbestos Inspection/Management/Reporting solution to allow Edge Group to plan, carry-out, and report on Asbestos in commercial and residential buildings.  Designed to operate around the requirements of Edge Group, the software provides a great degree of efficiency and flexibility for Edge to complete Asbestos Inspections as well as respond to the specific requirements of customers - all while removing the need to physical paperwork.

Here's what we built for them.

Earth Solutions Group

Earth Solutions Group provide Erosion Repair, Quarry Works, Development Projects and Environmental Management Services.  One of the main services is site management for soil remediation works. The business typically involves a large number of transactions from a number of different sites.  These transactions need to be authorised, verified and collated - all in a timely manner. Working with DCODE GROUP, ESG were able to streamline their operations providing different portal access for different users - ensuring each user had access to the tools required to complete their required tasks. One of the benefits of this solution was the ability to reduce reporting time from months to days - ensuring the business was always able to keep a track of its performance.


Seeing similarities between problems in your business and the problems these systems solved? Have a chat with us about a system specifically suited for your business.


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Written by

Andrew Sirianni

Andrew founded DCODE GROUP with the goal to develop custom software solutions...