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Adding a Store Locator to Squarespace

Squarespace Customizations

Without access to the back-end of Squarespace, there are limitations to what you can do for the store locator.  Traditionally we would have used a database-driven arppoach to store the locations in a table of a database and then retrieve these as required.  However in Squarespace, we are unable to do this.

As an alternative, we used a static file, (hosted in the developer console of Squarespace) to store the locations and information about the stores.  Then using jQuery, we setup the service to read the locations and display them on the website.

If you're looking to add a store locator to your website, contact us to find out how.  We're accredited Squarespace Specialists and are experienced in modifying and customising Squarespace to suit your requirements.  If you require assistance, please get in touch!


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