Andrew Sirianni

DCODE is proud to announce that we have been recognised as an accredited Squarespace specialist by the Squarespace team.

Squarespace is a hosted Content Management System (CMS) that comes bundled with an online store. With a focus on design of their templates and simplicity of use, they are quickly becoming a preferred solution for clients looking to establish an online website or online store.

With extensive experience in Squarespace (and it's linked payment gateway Stripe), DCODE has now been recognised as an accredited specialist following recent work on client sites.

As a custom software consultancy, we have the option of providing bespoke solutions to all our clients - and often recommend these as the best way to achieve your requirements in a simple and efficient way. However there are cases when budgets and resources require an alternate approach. In some of these instances, Squarespace has been a great alternative.

If you're looking to develop a website, web application or looking to leverage an off-the-shelf CMS; contact us for more information. We are experienced in developing online solutions from the ground-up - or modifying an off-the-shelf solution to meet your requirements.


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