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Stripe Payment Gateway Officially Launches in Australia

For some time now, the team at DCODE have been using the Stripe Payment Gateway in our developments. Pitched as a payment gateway built for developers, the system provides a range of tools and features that are well-documented and easily integrated into a large number of business applications. However, while the technical side of the solution has always been strong; their recent price reductions in Australia have now made this a real contender in the online payments space.

As many of you who have used payment gateways will know, the process of integrating the gateway into your site has often been cumbersome - confusing/out-of-date documentation referring to conflicting versions has made it difficult for developers to work with these solutions. On the cost side, a range of different pricing structures- including rental fees, transaction fees for the bank, differing transaction fees for different cards, etc - has often made the process of acquiring a payment gateway confusing and difficult to compare prices between alternatives.

Stripe on the other hand is easy. A simple set of APIs and tools allow you to integrate the payment gateway into the site with ease. And the simple pricing model means that you can easily manage and budget for your transaction costs. In addition, Stripe does not require you to have a Merchant Bank account - transferring your funds directly to your account on a rolling 7-day basis (another saving)!

Starting today, Australian businesses can instantly start accepting payments from anyone, anywhere in the world through Stripe (now out of Beta).

As per the press release from Stripe:

We've updated pricing in Australia to 1.75% + 30c for domestic transactions and 2.9% + 30c for international and American Express cards. Volume pricing is available for businesses at scale - please get in touch if you expect to process more than $40,000 a month. We're also bringing our full international currency support with us, allowing Aussie users to charge in 100+ currencies.

While 1.75% +30c is still higher than some dedicated merchants/bank solutions; the simplicity of the Stripe solution, (along with the simple cost structure), certainly add considerable benefit to the offer.

If you're looking to start selling online and are interested in using a Payment Gateway, contact us to discuss your solutions. We have extensive experience in a number of payment gateways (including Stripe) and can help you implement these into your site and have you selling online in no time!


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