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How to Submit a URL to Google

Until recently, the only way to submit URL's to Google Search was through Search Console, a more technical part of Google that some find difficult to use. Now, you can also submit a URL to Google directly through Search! Because of this, it's a great time to quickly review how to submit a URL. All you have to do is go to Google and type "submit a URL" then enter the URL, tick the reCAPTCHA and press submit.

The submission form is identical to the one presently used to submit a URL in search console, but instead places it in one easy to use form at the top of the search results and eliminates the extra step of having to go to the submission page.

Of course, the alternative method is to go into your search console then to the submit URL page

Keep in mind though, submitting a URL doesn't always mean it will be indexed or shown in rankings. It gets reviewed prior to being approved.

It's critical for your site maintenance that you have Search Console set-up. The only tricky part here however is submitting directly through search makes it slightly harder to manage in Search Console. If you submit directly through Search Console, it's far simpler to track and maintain as needed. If you don't have Search Console set up, or just want to check it's as it should be but aren't sure how, just give us a call. We regularly assist clients in maintaining the back-end and SEO aspects of their websites.


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