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Why Do I Need A Mobile Website?

With more users than ever accessing the Internet through mobile devices, it is important to ensure that your website is accessible from mobile devices. Ensuring that it is easy to access and navigate your website on a mobile can go a long way to capturing an audience accessing the business online from mobiles or tablets. So why is this important? Research from Google suggests that users accessing a website from a mobile device are more likely to transact as a result of their browsing experience - so to maximise your conversions, look to capture mobile users.

Here are 3 powerful reasons why you should establish a mobile website.

1. Smart Phone Users are the Majority

With the uptake of accessing the Internet from mobile devices (particularly in Australia), it is now more important than ever to ensure that your business has an online presence.

In June 2012, over 49% of all Internet connections in Australia were mobile wireless connections with that figure now well and truly above 50% for 2013. As such, mobile Internet users are now the clear majority.

If your business does not provide a mobile website for these users, you are potentially missing out on a large group of active users.

2. Need For Faster Load Time

Despite the wide-spread use of mobile Internet, it has to be accepted that Internet speeds from mobile devices are not on par with fixed connections. Although mobile carriers are working to release 4G networks and increase their capacity, the current limitations need to be addressed when considering users accessing a website from a mobile device.

Ultimately, users are unlikely to persist with a website that takes too long to load. This can be more noticeable on mobile devices. As such, having a mobile website (optimised for mobile devices) can ensure that load times are reduced. A result is that users can access content more easily and with less delay - hence increasing the chance of a conversion and re-visit to the site.

3. Ease of Use From Mobile Devices

When using a computer to access a website, you are using a (generally) larger screen, a keyboard and a mouse. However, when using a mobile device, your screen is smaller and you are using your finger to navigate the site. These differences impact on how you can interact with a website.

For example, when browsing standard websites on a mobile device it can be harder to read standard text (which may appear too small). At the same time, text links may be difficult to "click" with your finger. This may create difficulty in the browsing experience and cause some users to leave your site.

In establishing a mobile site, you can adapt the layout of the site to work better with smaller screens. You can also ensure that links are formatted in a way that is more conducive to "finger" navigation. Ensuring that your users find it easier to interact will result in greater use and potential for conversion.

So why do you need to ensure that users can access your business from their mobile?

Here's a few stats according to Google ...

  • 89% of people use their smartphone throughout the day - with browsing the Internet the most common activity on a mobile phone;
  • 9 out of 10 mobile searchers have taken action as a result of a smartphone search - if the user can't see you, how can they take action?; and
  • 79% use a phone for shopping related activities; 70% use the phone while shopping in-store; and 74% of smartphone shoppers made a purchase as a result of using a smart phone.

These are incredible statistics and indicate an audience that has a much higher conversion rate than regular website browsers. If you're not available through a mobile device (of difficult to use through a mobile device), then you're missing out on capturing an active audience.

If you're interested in ensuring that your website is mobile-enabled, DCODE GROUP can update your existing website to work across mobiles and tablets too. This can ensure that you get the greatest exposure across devices while not having to manage different websites for different devices.

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