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  • Working with Edge Group, we developed a custom cloud-based tool for inspecting and reporting on Hazardous Materials in Properties throughout Australia.
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Working with leading environmental consultancy, Edge Group, Dcode Group developed a Hazardous Materials Inspection Register that assisted in the observation, management and reporting of hazardous materials on site. The system was developed to allow for data capture using tablets, with information then flowing through to customiseable registers/reports.

Edge Group demo product image. Edge Group demo product image.
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The Solution was a multi-faceted portal - connecting Administration with Assessors and Clients. We connected the dots between the requested features by providing a reporting solution that linked into an automated PDF Report and Register - accessible by Auditors, Administrators and Clients. The system maintains registers across Sites and maintains versions of how materials/assessments change over time. Reports can be drafted and finalised with digital signatures to improve the end-to-end process of collating data and generating reports.

The Benefit. Comprehensive Register and Simplified, Professional Reporting With a single location for all Observations and Surveys, Asbestos Edge has become a unified reporting portal - providing quick and efficient access to data across clients and Edge Group. In addition, the ability to generate and store PDF Reports on-the-fly ensure a more effective reporting process (saving significant time in the formatting of these documents).

Edge Group demo product image.
Edge Group demo product image.

As a leading environmental consultancy, Edge Group had a sound understanding of their requirements. They had already used a number of software tools and identified the gaps in what was previously available.

Working with the team at Edge Group, we looked to identify what they needed; while also paying attention to the features they had grown accustomed to.

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