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We have a passion for technology and are keen to work with others who share our passion. We're currently looking for team members to work full-time, part-time and on a contract basis. We're also open to remote working alternatives.

Key criteria we are looking for is as follows:

  • Experience in the said technology or similar;
  • It's important that you are a developer/designer - we work directly with you; and
  • You are located in (and can work in) Australia.
Laravel Developers

We're looking for PHP developers with MVC Experience (Laravel) to join our growing team. Solid PHP experience is a must, with strong Laravel skills advantageous. You will be developing custom, cloud-based applications specific to client requirements.

Dcode Group

  • Required: Laravel, MySQL, REST API's, Command Line, GIT
  • Bonus: AWS, SASS, Foundation, Gulp, Ubuntu, jQuery, Automated Testing, Continuous Integration
Vue.js Developers

We're looking for Vue.js developers that can assist in adding re-activity to our custom software solutions. As a front-end developer, we're keen to see that you have an eye for detail and design; but at the same time are aware of integrating with API-driven solutions.

Dcode Group

  • Required: Vue.js, CSS, HTML, Development Environments
  • Bonus: Laravel, AWS, SASS, Ubuntu
Squarespace Developers

We're looking for designers/developers with experience in customising websites on the Squarespace platform. Experience with Squarespace and the Developer Mode in Squarespace are preferred, but this role would be suitable to any web developer with strong front-end skills.

Dcode Group

  • Required: Squarespace, GIT, LESS, jQuery

If you can't find a position listed above, contact us as there may be a last-minute position available.


DCODE helps businesses implement technology - be it a website, web application, online store, document management system, email solution or any other technology tool that helps the business perform its functions.

We can help provide a strategy, deploy a system, design a system or develop a system for your business.

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Our Core Values:

  • We enhance individuality of businesses in what we do
  • Agile Development: Short development cycles to quickly evaluate feedback and adapt the software
  • Continuous delivery - we’re on hand to support you and ensure things run smoothly
  • We are responsive to the customers.
  • We are inclusive of everybody: Our team’s history in different industry sectors give insight to develop a variety of suitable solutions.

Our Brand Promises:

  • We provide Business Solutions to Technical Problems.
  • All our custom software is 100% cloud based and open sourced, nothing to be installed.
  • We aim to systemise businesses and optimise workflow
  • Built by people who understand the market.
  • Live monitoring for every software platform (during development and post launch)

We're also looking to collaborate with other organisations on projects - with our back-end specialty, we can often provide great value-add to design/strategy agencies. Contact Us if you require any assistance with your next project.