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  • Defex was developed to be a simple, yet powerful, cloud-based defect and task management software. Our software allows you to annotate plans, allocate tasks and manage these tasks through to completion. We started Defex to explore the requirements of a customer - but after interest from other DCODE GROUP clients, we launched it as its own Software as a Service (SAAS) solution.
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When working with a client on an Inspection Tool, we came across the problem of explaining the exact location of a Defect or Issue being reported. On review, we found a number of solutions available - but most were off-shore solutions and many were cost prohibitive. So we decided to find a better way of recording Defects or Issues in a way that made them easy to find by other users and/or on subsequent inspections.

Defex demo product image. Defex demo product image.
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Simple, Comprehensive and Powerful.

We now have a number of clients using Defex to help them manage inspections/hand-overs for their projects. Many already have larger Defect Solutions as part of their software packages - however Defex provides a better way to record, review and manage tasks in their business. As a result of this development, we have gained a significant insight into developing SAAS solutions as well as mapping/annotation tools - both of which can now be value add to your next project.

Defex demo product image.
Defex demo product image.

Annotate a Floor Plan with the Accurate Position of the Defect or Issue

Following the ideas of what we had seen, we set about developing a solution that would allow a user to annotate floor plans with a marker - thereby simplifying the way we could explain the location of a Defect or Issue to a user. Our point of difference was to create a solution that would operate on all devices - without the need to install an App. As an extension to this process, we then divided the software into teams and projects - allowing the solution to be used in real-life scenarios. We then created a task board - that allowed tasks to be tracked from reporting through to completion.

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