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  • Lee Electrix is an electrical company servicing customers across greater Melbourne. With a growing workforce, they were looking for a Workflow Management System to help manage Requests, Book Staff to Requests and then Record Timesheets. DCODE GROUP designed and developed an online solution - with console for the office and mobile-optimised account for the team - to help plan, manage and report on work. We even integrated the solution with Xero's payroll - sending timesheets straight from the solution to Xero.
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Lee Electrix was facing growing expansion and looking at ways to better manage their workflow. They had developed a comprehensive process using "offline" methods; however the process wasn't scalable and able to respond to the growing business.

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From rosters to payroll; data in one place

The solution provides an overall view of operations across the business; a single source of "what's on"; and seamlessly integrates with Xero. With real-time reporting, SMS and email alerts, and internal checks-and-balances; Lee Electrix can manage their operations from this new solution.

Lee Electrix demo product image.
Lee Electrix demo product image.

Design a Custom Database Solution around Staff, Jobs and Timesheets - integrating everything back to Xero

DCODE GROUP developed a custom Workflow Management Solution to accept work; allocate staff; and then follow-up on timesheet submissions. We developed an Administration Console for the management team to keep track of everything. Then staff were provided access to a mobile-optimised portal to view bookings, manage their work and submit their timesheets. We then integrated SMS/Email alerts to help keep everyone informed. Every job was allocated staff, who were required to submit timesheets by the end of the day. And with this data flowing straight through to Xero; the process was faster than ever.

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