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  • Working with Xero and PayPal, we developed a microsite to evaluate the benefits of adding PayPal as a payment source to your Xero account. The solution was developed to read data via the Xero API and report against region-specific benchmarks - indicating if your business could improve its Debtor Days by adding a way for customers to pay online.
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The brief was to develop a responsive microsite in line with the design direction provided by Xero. A value add for an end-user is that this Microsite should also integrate with the User's Xero account to provide feedback inline with actual data related to the User.

Xero demo product image. Xero demo product image.
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A simple and easy way for Xero Users to see the benefit in connecting PayPal as a Payment Source

Liquidity is the Accounting Term that refers to a businesses ability to pay your debts as and when they fall due. In short - being able to pay your bills from your income. Often, many profitable businesses can go bust - simply because while they are charging for a service, they are not getting paid. This solution provided a quick and easy way for Xero Users to easily see how long it was taking to get paid. In some instances, adding a way for customers to pay online (ie PayPal) could reduce the days it takes for customers to pay. This tool gave a high level overview of how payment sources could assist a business.

Xero demo product image.
Xero demo product image.

The Solution - Develop a slim-line Microsite using the Lumen Framework on AWS

DCODE GROUP developed a custom, lightweight solution to develop a landing page; permission page (to allow the user to authorise their Xero Account); and a results page.

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