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With the AFL commencing in the next week, a client of ours was keen to establish a footy tipping competition for its patrons. Frustrated by the lack of options available off-the-shelf, they looked to developing their own footy tipping website. That's where we came in ... In a short period of time (only a few weeks), we were able to build a footy tipping website (with back-end management console) to help the client build and launch their competition. Get your tips in before Round 1 commences!

The options faced by the client included an off-the-shelf "kiosk"-like product that only operated as a "desktop" program, or a cloud-based solution that offered limited customisation and advertised conflicting sponsors to their member base. Both of these options were not cheap and with the latter offering conflicting advertisements - did not result in desirable outcomes.

We built a custom system on an Open Source platform that allowed access from desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. The system allows for users to enter tips, follow their status on a leaderboard and create their own mini-leagues with friends and colleagues. Integrated with HTML eMail systems, the system can also send reminder/result emails for each round as well as marketing emails to the membership base.

If you're interested in footy tipping this year, take a look at the system at Sporting Globe Footy Tipping

Here at DCODE, we specialise in building custom online systems - and this footy tipping system is an example of a custom web application. We've recently been discussing why using a custom web application is a better option than native apps as well!

We develop custom solutions ranging from websites to eCommerce stores to . If you need assistance in building a website or an online solution, get in touch with us here so we can get started


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