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Businesses are built on processes; tasks that businesses have designed and developed over the years to provide customers with the service or products(s) the business are experts in. But even though these tasks have been developed, that doesn't mean that they are being done as efficiently as they could be. Technology can be used to automate and improve the process. Technology can be used to reproduce many tasks and as a result, can allow the business (at the same level of resources) to produce a greater level of output. The application of technology to business processes is especially useful when processes and procedures are clearly defined in the business. Working with Lee Electrix, we've helped them to do exactly this.


Lee Electrix provides electrical installations, specifically for new residential buildings. With their old system, job scheduling was very "admin" centric with limited ability to share with the team. It was very time consuming to follow up with the necessary people about job statuses or timesheet and required a lot of back and forth.



Our brief was to develop a system that could give the business much more visibility over jobs and improve efficiency in getting required information. The system needed to simplify how jobs are scheduled and allocated as well as provide staff better ways to monitor upcoming jobs. It also needed to ensure timesheets were submitted quickly and implement checks on timesheets to prevent any time-consuming follow ups.



The custom system allows the entire job to be managed from beginning to end from the initial booking all the way through to payroll and invoice. The new management console allows the admin team to schedule jobs, allocate staff based on their availability and then upload any needed documents. For the staff member on the job, they are prompted to enter their timesheets when the job is complete. Jobs can be accepted or declined far more efficiently, and when a job is accepted a schedule is created for timesheets.

By developing a custom system that's specifically suited to their business needs and nuances, Lee Electrix has significantly improved their efficiency and been able to more effectively utilise their processes.



If you've got processes in your business that you could make more efficient, let's have a chat about how you can make technology work for you.

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