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For some users of Squarespace, the ability to have multi-level navigation menu's can pose a problem. Natively Squarespace only supports a single sub-level of menu options (allowing for single level drop-downs). However, with the developer console activated, and a few tweaks to the structure, you can achieve multi-level navigation menus within Squarespace.

  • Please note: while a Mega Menu is possible in Squarespace, it is only possible to achieve a menu structure that you can still maintain using the developer mode.  Unfortunately the setup cannot be done via a plugin or similar.

Visy Home Page

As you can see from the screenshot above, we were able to utilise the developer console in Squarespace to deploy a mega menu concept for our client VISY. 

This system allows for 3 levels of navgation:

- The main navigation bar
- Sub headings (as links)
- Then, list items under each category - achieving a more robust and user-friendly navigation experience for larger websites.

This approach utilised the creation of a number of different menu templates (and regions) that combined to generate the menu above.  Full control over the sub-menu options/pages is achieved by VISY through Squarespace - albeit with some intervention required for additions to the top-level.

The deployment of this specialised configuration on Squarespace is yet another example of how DCODE GROUP has been able to extend the functionality of Squarespace to meet the specific requirements of our clients, such as VISY.

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[Update: May 2019]

We launched a new and improved Squarespace mega menu for VISY!

With a business the size of Visy, there are a large number of departments and services that need to be organised.  With a single-dimensional menu, this simply wasn’t possible. So using Squarespace's Developer Mode, we coded a new menu that will allow the site to grow as Visy does.

As a result of implementing this solution, Visy has been able to present a more organised and structured online presence to users to better engage and educate them on the offerings of Visy.  The system simplifies the businesses’ offerings into main categories that allow the user to easily find the services they’re looking for.

The new mega menu also easily integrates and incorporates the Product Catalog we developed for Visy - combining the brochure driven website with the full catalogue of Visy’s products. Have a look for yourself:


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