Andrew Sirianni

An online flip-book can be a great way to turn your corporate PDF brochures into an online, interactive tool. Recently, DCODE worked with commercial builder, Maben Group, to help make their Maben Edge brochure tailored to an online audience. We think you will agree that the outcome has been fantastic.

Originally designed for print, the Maben Edge brochure was difficult to read in a digital format.  Text and layouts that worked well in the printed version of the document did not translate to the online variants - making it difficult for the Maben team to use/send the document to clients electronically.  As such, our brief was to re-format the PDF for digital viewing and then ensure that the document was accessible from their website.

In step 1 of the process, we revised the layout of the PDF - ensuring that the position of elements and the legibility of text sizes - was geared towards users viewing the document online or on computers/mobile devices.  This involved taking the concepts from the original document and re-aligning these to better display the content in a larger format.

On completion of this, we then developed an online flip-book - essentially providing an opportunity for users to interact with the brochure online as if they were turning the pages of a magazine.

If you use PDF brochures in your business and would like them to be accessible online, contact us to find out how we can assist.  We can work with you and your design team to ensure that the integrity of the document is retained; while providing a re-usable platform to display the content online.

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