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1 Simple Way to Be More Responsive and Relevant

We live in a "now" world. Our banking is often done with immediacy online. Messages are sent via Instant Message (IM), SMS or email; instantly. Information is accessible 24/7 via the Internet. Our customers expect speedy responses. But the key to successful engagement lies both in the timeliness of the response as well as the relevance of the response.

Every day we're overloaded with information - be it through news sources, emails, messaging or social media. But much of this information is simply noise. Ensuring that your information and alerts are noticed requires you to be relevant to the needs of your consumers. And in order to know what your consumers find relevant, you need to understand them.

To do this, it is important to listen to your consumers.

Your clients are providing you with regular feedback and requests on a frequent basis. Systems and processes to capture this feedback will allow you to both better understand your consumers and better respond to their requirements. A CRM will assist you in managing this process.

Keep note of feedback, requirements and feature requests. Then implement a process to regularly review this and use this as a basis for improvement, updates and communication. Then when you speak with your clients, use this information as a way to bring them up to speed with developments in the business, inform them of services that may be of assistance and advise them of relevant issues that they may need to consider. In this way, your communication with these clients will have a specific relevance to their position and hence have a greater level of importance.

As a result of this structured process, the client is likely to receive both timely and relevant updates, while your chances of conversion are significantly improved. A clear win-win!

Technology provides tools and resources to manage your client data - hence giving you the opportunity to better respond to customers based on their requirements. An efficient CRM will allow you to be both more relevant and responsive. However, the benefits will be directly related to how well your system has been designed to capture client data, review client data and then create the appropriate response to the client.

If you're interested in finding out how you can better manage your clients, contact DCODE GROUP to discuss your requirements. We can help you in developing a requirements analysis and then use this to design and implement a CRM solution that suits you, your business and your customer needs. Speak to us today for an obligation free discussion.


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