Andrew Sirianni

DCODE GROUP is proud to announce the launch of the new Premax website. This bespoke eCommerce system was built to the specifications of Premax, taking into account their current product range, workflow requirements and providing them with the ability to expand and enhance the site as required. Within weeks of launching the site and its rich content, traffic to the site increased by over 400%.

The site has been developed on a bespoke (custom) open source platform. Premax was looking for a way to differentiate itself from the competition and ensuring a unique experience in the online store was part of this strategy. The key elements this site needed to deliver were:

  • Ability to market products and product packs
  • Integrate with Third Party Logistics (3PL) - UK and AU based
  • Integrate with Xero for Automation of Invoices
  • Provide a platform to build the brand of Premax
  • Blogging platform that uses high profile content from reputable authors
  • Video blogs of “how to use the product”
  • Email marketing service to maintain communication with customers
  • Location-based store to provide products in different prices for different regions

The flexible nature of the design allowed for a wide range of products to be listed on the site. Each product had specifications that ties into back-end distribution systems - allowing for seamless management of the sales process.

A blog system was developed to work with the content of Premax and provides an easy-to-use back-end blog management tool. Buying a product could not be easier with the new Shopping Cart implemented into the service. Fully managed from the back-end this cart provides seamless purchasing from the user with full reporting available to Premax.

The launch of the new website has been received strongly by the client and Premax users. And we look forward to working with Premax on continuing to advance and improve their online presence.


In Phase 2 of their launch, Premax then added an international component to their online store that includes Internationalisation of the site, Incorporation of videos and Better CRM-like management features for the Premax team.

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