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Custom Websites - Re-Inventing the Wheel or Simplifying the Solution?

I was browsing forums on a technology blog last night and noticed a common trend in posts - users were strongly encouraging development of websites using frameworks or CMS solutions. A commonality of these posts were that these systems could be a great way to jump-start website development and "why re-invent the wheel" when a solution was already available. But while I acknowledge the benefit of widely available tools and resources, I don't agree with the premise that a blanket approach to website development is always the best solution. Sometimes the cleanest and most responsive product can be a custom build.

In web development, there are three main tiers that contribute to a dynamic website (a website that uses a database or similar to serve changing content) - a designer, a web developer and a back-end programmer. Each role requires a different skillset and will often guide the technologies used in developing a site. But this does not always dictate if it is the CORRECT solution.

For example, a designer or web-developer may often have great "front-end" skills but limited knowledge of how to construct the back-end/processing of the website. Therefore, they are likely to prefer pre-built tools such as Content Management Systems (CMS) and will look to customise these to their design. While this may provide a solution, the final result may often be constrained by the chosen platform (CMS) as well as the programming limitations of the designer. Or (at the other spectrum), using an off-the-shelf product may add unnecessary complexity to a simple project.

In these instances, developing a specific solution that meets the requirements is likely to yield a better result for both the client and the developer. A development agency that has the capacity to develop within frameworks but also develop custom solutions can therefore be in a unique position to assess the clients requirements and then develop a solution that will be serve their requirements.

I don't think anyone can argue that while the invention of the wheel was a momentous occasion, the humble wheel has come a long way since its first inception. And that continual improvement and innovation can only be due to the fact that people did not rest on their laurels - they continued to find ways to do this differently to suit different purposes. So while I agree that it's important to make use of readily available resources in web development; it's certainly worth challenging concepts before blindly using a solution.

DCODE GROUP is in a unique position to provide a range of web development services to our clients. We are trained and experienced in a range of technologies and can assist you in adapting an off-the-shelf solution or in building a custom web-application to your requirements. We believe that it is this range of experience that can assist you in selecting the right method for your business when developing your website - rather than simply trying to offer a solution that suits us.

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