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If you operate a website, you're bound to have heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). While the concept is nothing new; it's popularity has continually grown. Despite being widespread, it is often talked about with a sense of mystery and complication. It's because of this that SEO is often misunderstood.

There are no reasons to avoid SEO - in fact if you operate a website it is necessary to consider SEO as part of your website build and on-going maintenance. When combined with your marketing strategy, it is a highly effective lead generation tool for building your online audience (and increases the likelihood that users will interact with you online).

Here are some of the misconceptions about SEO that may cause you to avoid using it as part of your online strategy:

Number 1: It's too complicated

Yes, SEO is not easy but that doesn't mean it's complicated. Digital search is constantly evolving and Google is forever changing the search algorithm to prevent what is known as Black Hat SEO - but there are some simple things you can do to help Google interpret your website and its content

Number 2: It doesn’t actually work

Because there are so many out there who don't know about SEO, the expectations of "how it works" is often misguided.  With so many "cowboys" offering the number 1 search spot, consumers can often not understand how SEO operates. Be wary of anyone who guarantees you the number 1 search spot.

Number 3: What if I make the wrong decision

Certainly, constantly making bad SEO decisions will unleash mayhem on a business. However this is rare and provided yourre tracking your results, you will see the warning signs that your strategy isn’t working before this happens. Head over here to find out more about how you can track data in your business so you can see these metrics

Number 4: It costs too much

The great thing about SEO is that it is scalable. You can start small and increase your investment as you go. You can spend as much or as little as necessary depending on your requirements.

Number 5: I can't justify spending the money

Value can only be assessed if you know how to assess it.  By using the right tracking tools, you can see your Return On Investment (ROI). Regardless of the size of the project you are implementing your SEO strategy on every click, every impression, every drop-off is measured - so you can place value on your SEO efforts (justifying the investment)

Number 6: Creating content is a waste

This just isn't true. Directing people to your site is one thing, but getting them to stay there (also known as your bounce rate) is another. Without quality content, they more than likely will drop off after one page. The phrase "content is king" still holds true and looks to reign for a while yet.

Number 7: I don’t know how to create original content.

Coming up with new content can be difficult and duplicating content can wreak havoc on your rankings. However duplicating content is not as difficult as it used to be as it can be necessary to have similar content if you have, for example, a blog as well as a what you do section. Original content will still win out every time and luckily there is several great content curation and creation tools out there.

Number 8: Yes, it takes time but it works

It's a common misconception that you will organise your site structure, check all the boxes, publish a piece of content and the click-throughs will be instant ….. Wrong! SEO is not instant and it will take some time to start seeing results. SEO results are gradual and take time and effort.

When you read this, SEO looks daunting. If you're new to SEO then there is different tactics you can use to make it less daunting. Try to post regular short posts around topics/information that you regularly face in your business (or related to your products/services).  You will then start to get a tone/feeling for your content which will help to write further content.  Then, use feedback and analytics to help you identify which topics resonate with your client base.

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