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Great Feedback on Our Website

We were pretty flattered to receive the following email this morning from a web designer in the USA who liked our site. He was so impressed with the side navigation in a responsive template, he wanted to use the idea on his own site. Here's a de-identified version of his email.


My name is [withheld], I am currently using the foundation framework to create a portfolio site to promote my work. I really like your side fixed nav and was wondering if you would permit me to code my own version of your navigation. ...

... I thought I should ask you, I would be very pleased if you let me use it and if not I understand of course.

Have a great day.


It's great to hear feedback about our website (and other websites we have built for clients). If you have any questions or comments about our systems and/or services, Contact Us today.

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Written by

Andrew Sirianni

Andrew founded DCODE GROUP with the goal to develop custom software solutions...