Andrew Sirianni

With advancements in technology continuing at a feverish pace; our lives are becoming more reliant on technology. With this increasing in reliance and prevalence of technology, organisations now have a myriad of options to implement technology in their own businesses. However, simply implementing technology on its own is not enough - you need to focus on implementing technology in a way that will benefit your business. That's how custom software can help.

When I refer to custom software - I'm referring to software that has been developed specifically for a scoped requirement.  That is software that has been designed and developed for a client and their identified requirements.  As a comparison, off-the-shelf platforms are solutions that are designed as generic solutions - developed to suit a wide ranging audience of users and supporting a wide product set.

At DCODE GROUP, we believe that there is a place in business for both custom and off-the-shelf solutions.  However the key is identifying when to implement which type of solution.

An off-the-shelf solution can be a great way to benefit from best practice and a readily available set of features.  But the benefit can only be fully realised if the business is looking to deliver an outcome aligned with what the software can facilitate.  If not, you may be doing more harm than good in implementing an off-the-shelf solution.

By contrast, a custom solution can ensure that you develop specifically to the requirements of the business - ensuring that you capture and replicate best practice while providing greater efficiencies in your business.  In this instance, the solution can be developed to automate and facilitate transactions the way they need to be done to help support the business outcomes and thus achieveing more outcomes with the same level of inputs.

A recent article in Dynamic Business provide the following statistic for the benefit of custom software:

According to FileMaker’s recent State of the Custom App report, organisations that have built a custom app experienced a 74% increase in productivity and an 81% reduction in inefficient tasks.

Through our involvement in custom software projects, we have seen our clients develop a number of custom software solutions with fantastic results.

If you are looking to automate your business, or develop an online product for your business, contact us today to find out how we can be of assistance.  We are skilled in identifying your requirements and putting in place a road-map for development that will focus on the short, middle and long-term objectives of your business.  We look forward to working with you and your team on your next software/website project.


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