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Keeping Your Website Up To Date With Social Media

Current and relevant content on your website is vital in ensuring that you maintain the online presence for your business. If you're already maintaining social media accounts, why not use that content on your own website - allowing you to leverage the value of your posts in social media on your own website. Not only will this help make your website look more "current", it will also assist in boosting the profile of your social media accounts.

It's easier than you think to integrate social media into your website. And it can be an easy way to add dynamic content to a website - with so many social media tools available to assist you in managing content.

Recently, we worked with Empire Concrete to integrate their Instagram account into their website. The business had evolved over recent weeks and they were keen to display more of their recent work. Given their active Instagram profile, we were able to integrate this into their gallery - ensuring that their recent photos were easily managed and updated.

Similarly, Matteo's Restaurant - a well-known dining establishment in Melbourne - were keen to add dynamic news/updates to their website, however they were already maintaining an active social media portfolio. As a result, we were able to compile their social media feeds into a feature blog - allowing them to capitalise on their content already managed through social media.

These are two examples of how we have used social media to help maintain website content to ensure that it remains current, however this is by no means an exhaustive list. If you maintain active social media accounts, consider how you can use this content to keep your own website up to date. Whether you're using a packaged website or a custom website, there are simple solutions that can help you re-vitalise and refresh your website with social media content.

To find out more about what is possible, contact us for an obligation free discussion. As custom website developers, we can help to integrate your social media streams with your website.


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