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How to Maintain Your Systems & Software

A client recently approached us to assist them in maintaining a custom-developed system for their business. The system was a management resource that provided the back-bone for a service model within their business. However, the system had been neglected for a substantial period and as a result required major work. As a business, it is important that you invest time and capital in maintaining your systems to ensure their long-term viability. If your business has come to rely on these systems, then ensuring their stability and effectiveness will ensure that you continue to meet your business objectives.

In this particular example, the system was developed by an Australian company using outsourced developers from another country. The difficulty with this setup is that while there is a main contact in Australia, much of the development was occurring offshore - as such communication problems between the countries meant that the original system did not quite meet the original specifications of the client.

In addition, the system had not been managed or re-developed to take into consideration changes in technology and new programming techniques. As such, the system became incompatible with the newer Internet Browsers (ie Firefox and IE) being used in the office. All of a sudden, the niggling difficulties associated with the system were not the issue anymore ... the system was no longer working.

An a analogy I like to use is that software are like cars - if they haven't been correctly maintained or updated, parts become harder to source as do the technicians who have experience working on them. At the same time, costs to fix older models can become higher than purchasing something new!

As technology rapidly evolves, it is important to ensure that your systems keep pace with these changes. A well-designed system from the outset will ensure that it can be managed, maintained and improved over it's lifetime to ensure that it both meets the requirements of the business today and caters for the possibilities of tomorrow.

As a business, systems such as this should be implemented to assist in leveraging business resources to gain better outcomes and better reporting. If the system is not achieving this, it is important that you review the system and it's functionality and take control of the desired outcomes.

DCODE GROUP has been established as an IT consultancy specialising in custom-build web-based systems. We develop in a wide range of technologies from Microsoft to Open Source - all in-house. If you have a system requirement, or need to manage/maintain an existing system, Contact Us today to find out how we can be of assistance.

Well designed, implemented and managed systems that are correctly aligned to business goals and reporting requirements can be of great use to businesses. Make sure that your next system development works for you and your business.


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Written by

Andrew Sirianni

Andrew founded DCODE GROUP with the goal to develop custom software solutions...