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New Online Store Launched for Le Bent

We're excited to announce the launch of the Le Bent online store. It was fantastic working with Simon and Anthony from Le Bent and the results have been amazing! The site is a clean, crisp website packed with functionality - and a great platform for the Le Bent team to launch their brand and products into the market.

Le Bent manufacture and distribute premium socks, baselayers and headwear from natural fibres- hence they needed a premium website to help establish and grow their brand. DCODE helped the team from Le Bent build an online presence that allowed them to sell online, market their product and brand, providing information about the product as well as manage a store locator for outlets across the globe.

The site features a fully managed back-end allowing the team from Le Bent to manage all aspects of the site and the store (including inventory management), credit card processing and statistics. The front-end is a fully responsive website (working on mobiles, tablets and computers) and includes all the tools required to manage the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of the site.

As a hosted solution, maintenance, updates and scalability (the ability to handle growing traffic) of the site is fully-managed - this enables the team from Le Bent to increase use of the site without any concerns about the ability for the site to handle additional traffic.

One of the key features of the site is it's integration with eNewsletters and social media - Instagram feeds on the home page, links to social accounts throughout and Vimeo videos on the Film & Blog page. The site also integrates with their eNewsletter system and the checkout includes an option to automatically subscribe to their eNewsletter.

Update: As of October 2017 Lebent has launched a new Online Store. 

If you're looking to start selling online, Contact Us to find out how you can start an online store. We have a range of experience in online sales and can advise you on the best approach - to suit your requirements, timeline, product, product/market position and your budget.

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