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The World's First Web Page

Website development has progressed in leaps and bounds since its inception. And the way a website is built today is vastly different to the way in which web pages were developed in the past. But rather than go through these differences, I thought the best way to see how far we've come is to look at how it all started - the first web page ...

This is a screen-shot of the first website ever created. You can see a live version of this website at:

The web page has been "pulled out of retirement" to commemorate the 20 years of the web. Initially established to help scientists share information, the Internet has grown to become a pivotal piece of infrastructure in today's world.

On April 30, 1993, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) made the web available to the world for free. Since then, websites, web application and cloud developments have grown exponentially.

20 years on from the launch of the web and websites, web pages have become a pivotal role for business. If you're yet to launch a website for your business, Contact Us to find out how we can assist you. If you're considering updating your website. Whether it be managing your existing website, updating the site to work on mobile devices, adding a blog or a complete re-vamp - we can discuss the solutions with you and then work with you to implement the results.


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