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Storm Clouds Topple The Cloud

AWS Hosting

Some of you may have noticed service disruptions to websites, ATMs, payment terminals and your favourite online services. And the root of this cause was the power outage at one of Amazon's data centres in Sydney. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading cloud service provider, arguably the leader in the market, and as such was hosting a large number of services when its data centre was knocked offline due to the storms across Eastern Australia.

As reported across numerous media outlets, the outage affected key players in the online space - many having to rethink their architecture to cope with future issues.  The key concern in this outage was that it also affected many fail-over settings designed to prevent such an outage!

With the benefit of hindsight; an anlysis of this outage has allowed us to review the issues with current setups on AWS and the problems that caused sites to go off-line in the latest outage. This has identified a number of areas and opportunities to improve the robustness of online solutions in AWS.  Working with the team at AWS, we can now look to implement measures to ensure the availability of services in future outages.

With a proven history of working with AWS architectures, we have a strong understanding of the wide range of tools available through AWS and how they can be used to assist your business.  If you are looking to harness the cloud for your business, contact us to find out how we can be of assistance.


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