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For the 7th year running, Gartner has named Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a leader in Cloud Infrastructure as a Service. Using the "Magic Quadrant", AWS is positioned with the furthest completeness of vision and the highest ability to execute. As AWS Partners, DCODE continues to use AWS to great success with its clients.

What is AWS?

AWS is a secure cloud services platform, which allows for increased flexibility, scalability and reliability. Developed by the eCommerce business Amazon, AWS provides a platform for users to purchase computing resources on demand - the same computing resources that drive Amazon's own online shopping solutions. 

Why use AWS?

The benefit of using cloud services is you don't have to invest upfront in Hardware and its maintenance, but instead you can use exactly the amount of resources you need (and pay for this usage only). The 6 reasons why you should be using AWS include:

1. Easy to use: Designed to quickly and securely host applications.

2. Flexible: You can select the OS, programming language, web application platform, databases and any other necessary services

3. Cost Effective: You only pay for the resources you use.

4. Reliable: AWS is consistently in the top 3 most reliable cloud platforms

5. Scalable: Applications can be scaled up or down, based on demand

6. Secure: Uses an end-to-end approach with a combination of physical, operational and software measures.

DCODE GROUP are AWS partners and we often use AWS services when deploying online applications.  While not all of our software runs on AWS, the vast majority does - and the Gartner report above highlights why we choose to use AWS over other providers. 

In short, AWS currently offers a far superior (and more evolved) range of tools than its competitors - and operates from Australia.  This has been confirmed by third party analysts (including Gartner).  Having the best platform for our software ensures that our software is given the best head-start to perform at its best for our clients - a crucial consideration for us.  Our association with AWS as partners allows us to keep informed of product changes, enhancements and opportunities - allowing us to configure better and more scalable platforms for our software.

Several DCODE GROUP clients utilise AWS and we have helped a number of them to make the switch. We would love to discuss why AWS may be a better option for you. 


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