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The DCODE team had a great time last week at the AWSome day - a day hosted by the Amazon Team to discuss all things AWS. The aim of the day was to update developers and partners on the tools Amazon had released (and updated) that could assist developers in launching online applications for business. And we were certainly excited at the options these platforms make possible!

Many of you will know Amazon as a on-line retailer - in fact according to Wikipedia they're the world's largest online retailer! Given this status, they have a need for systems and hardware to support their online sales and services to ensure their continued market dominance. And it is these systems and hardware that form the basis of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) made available to business and consumers.

At a time when cloud-computing was beginning to gain momentum, Amazon saw an opportunity to provide it's know-how in scalable online solutions to a wider consumer base. And this is how Amazon Web Services (AWS) was born.

Essentially, AWS gives businesses and software developers the ability to make use of Amazon's servers and infrastructure to run their own IT solutions for a fraction of the cost of regular hosting costs. It's essentially a hosting solution that allows flexibility and scalability at a level not seen before - you use their systems and servers when you need them and as you need them allowing you to focus on the software and let Amazon manage the hardware and connectivity.

By removing the necessity to manage hardware and hosting arrangement, it can allow developers to focus on what they do best - designing and developing online software for business and consumers. This can dramatically reduce the time to market for software solutions and increase the reliability of websites and web applications.

At the same time, the cost of Amazon's services and the speed at which they can be deployed allow businesses to launch and test new solutions in a fraction of the time previously taken. Previously, new systems or services may have required considerable time and resources to establish and deploy. But with Amazon's services, servers can be created (and deleted) in minutes! This can be great in allowing the business to be responsive and innovative.

We were excited to be among a select few (less than 10 out of over 1,000 attendees) at the conference already using more than 4 Amazon services - and we can't wait to make use of more!

If you're looking to develop a new website or a web application that requires security, redundancy and reliability, we encourage you to consider using Amazon AWS as part of your solution. At DCODE, we can assist you in designing and deploying your systems on Amazon's framework to see immediate results in the speed and efficiency of your solution.

Here at DCODE, we specialise in building custom online systems - from websites to online software. If you need assistance in building a website or building an online solution, contact us to find out how we can be of assistance - we're always keen to work on new projects.


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