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CAPTCHA's get an update

If you've ever filled out a form online, you would certainly know about "Captcha's" - those highly irritating security check boxes that require you to type out a heavily disguised combination of letters and numbers to prove you're not a robot. Well good news! The latest version of Google's Captcha is an invisible system that determines whether a website user is a human or a robot by (discreetly) monitoring browsing patterns.

Google first used Captcha back in 2009 as a method to stop cyber attacks where bots overload a website with traffic; however internet users were left infuriated trying to decipher what characters were being presented in the boxes.

More recently, the Captcha check has been updated to a simple check box, though if it detects your tick may be questionable, then you have to go through a more complicated test involving images.

Undoubtedly, this update will be a cause for global celebrations as it it promises to remove the need for box ticking and testing completely.

Let us know in the comments below whether you’re happy to see Captcha go, or if in fact you actually prefer it.


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