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3 Steps to Get Your Business Mobile

More than half of your prospective customers may interact with your business from their mobile phone while on the go. If these users cannot access your website, then you're potentially fore-going a significant level of customer enquires and possible sales. Here's a few steps you can take to "get your business mobile".

1. Optimise Your Website

When you access a website from a mobile phone, the entire user experience is different. Access speeds are generally slower, screens are smaller and browsing with a finger can often be less accurate than traditional mouse/keyboard entries.

So when accessing your website from a mobile phone - what do you see? Can you see all the content without zooming in/out? Can you click the links/buttons? Do the images load within a reasonable time? If you've answered "no" to any of these questions, you certainly need to consider optimising your website for mobile phones.

A key list of things to consider include:

  • Ensure that the sizing is optimised for mobiles;
  • Check the text size/font size on smaller devices;
  • Optimise your images to ensure that they are quickly downloaded; and
  • Ensure navigation & calls to action can easily be "clicked" when browsing with an index finger. 

2. Create Clear Calls To Action

When you are accessing a website from a mobile device, the screen real-estate is significantly diminished - so it is important that you ensure your content is brief and that your calls to action are clear.

Take a moment to review your website when looking at it on a mobile device and ensure that the calls to action are clear and easy to distinguish. Also make sure that you can "click"/action them easily.

3. Monitor and Review the Results

Now that your site is mobile-enabled, use an Analytics tool (such as Google Analytics) to measure the performance of your website - do you see an improvement in usage? Do you notice more mobile users accessing the site? Are there any pages that are working well or any pages that require improvement?

Ongoing review of your sites performance can then feed back into improvements to ensure that your website is continually improved.

While these are not an exhaustive list of things you can do to mobilise your website, they can certainly be of significant benefit and a great place to start your optimisation. With the trend towards browsing the Internet on mobile devices ever increasing, making sure that your website works on mobile devices is becoming more and more important. Evidence suggests that now more than ever, users are accessing websites from mobile phone more than from computers. So in order to capitalise on these users and to maximise enquires, you need to ensure that the mobile browsing experience on your website is just as effective as when accessing the site from a computer.

If you would like assistance in ensuring your website is accessible from mobile devices, Contact Us to find out what your options are. It may be a relatively simple process to make your business mobile and the benefits can be significant!


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Written by

Andrew Sirianni

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