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You Need to Move Your Site to HTTPS Now

More than 50% of all websites use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and it's one of the most crucial parts of your website's security. HTTPS, put simply, encrypts and protects information sent between a user and the site as well as validating the website's authenticity.

Albeit a small one, Google even give ranking weight to HTTPS. If you're a Chrome user you might have noticed some time ago Google began to put a 'Secure' or 'Not Secure' next to the address bar. When the 'Not Secure' displayed, it was only for HTTP sites where you had to enter a password or credit card details. Now, that's about to change.

This is why if you are still a HTTP site you need to move to HTTPS now:

As of October 2017. Chrome will now show any HTTP site that requires any data entry from the user at all as 'Not Secure'. In other words, even if they are typing something as simple like a Search Query, your site will be labelled Not Secure. The warning will show in both normal and incognito modes

The most basic reason to use HTTPS is integrity and trust. Being secure makes you look better, more professional and more trustworthy. A user will understand their information is only going between themselves and you. This also adds to your overall User Experience (UX).

Research has shown that 82% of users will leave a website that isn't secure

Since Chrome has introduced these measures, there has been a 23% reduction in the navigation to HTTP sites requiring password or credit card information.

If you've already got HTTPS then great! You don't need to worry. If you are still on HTTP, read this. It explains in detail why HTTPS is a must.

However, please consider this: Moving to HTTPS is not just as simple as flicking a switch. There is a few steps involved and a mistake can be disastrous to both your site's overall structure and your rankings.

Google has also said in the past it's better to move your whole site at once as they process it "a little faster". This is their whole explanation

We frequently move our clients from HTTP to HTTPS and ensure all our new site builds are built around HTTPS. If you're one of the 50% still using HTTP, then you need to move now.

Full details from Google are available on this post


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