Andrew Sirianni

The team at DCODE have welcomed the New Year in with a number of new project launches. A number of these developments include an innovative CMS that DCODE has developed to help our clients better manage content on their website. Take a look at some of the developments below.

When building a website, often clients are faced with three main alternatives:

  • A static website - with no ability to customise it themselves;
  • An off-the-shelf CMS - providing the ability to manage content but often with limitations of the CMS; or
  • A custom solution - developed to the exact specifications of the client.

While I'm being overly simplistic about the categorisation; the common prevailing theme is that the client will need to determine their requirements and then choose a solution that allows them to deliver a website that caters for their needs.

At DCODE GROUP, we have found that often the client has a keen idea on what they are looking to achieve.  And while most of these requirements will be "run of the mill" some will require specific solutions.  As such, we've worked with our clients to develop a custom Content Management Solution (CMS) that gives the client flexibility to manage the content on their own site, while still allowing for custom coding to satisfy specific sections of the site.

If you're looking to develop (or re-develop) a website in 2016; contact us to find out how we can help.  We specialise in custom software solutions - making us the ideal candidate to work with you on analysing your requirements and then developing the optimal solution within your budget, timeframe and technical requirements.

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