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Subscription-based solutions have become increasingly prevalent in our online world. But while you may have seen them for software, music, movies or wine clubs; have you ever seen a car wash subscription service? Neither had we … until we built one. The ability to charge the user an on-going fee/incremental purchase for use of products/services provides a cost-effective model for the consumer; but also helps to implement a secure income stream for the business. And with the technology available; implementing an online, membership-based subscription service has never been easier...

A car-wash subscription service?

Yes, you read that right. 

Subscription-based services have become an option for many businesses as a way of providing a cost-effective option for ongoing consumption of products and services.  It allows a customer to pay a more “reasonable” fee on a regular basis for continued access to the solution. In addition, it is also a relatively reliable source of income and also provides flexibility and gives a degree of control to your customers. 

WashedCar had asked us to help set up their web-based subscription services by making an online checkout system for their eCommerce website - a pretty smart way to retain your customers.

“But do I need to develop an app for that?”

No, you don’t have to. 

Not only can specialised dedicated apps be relatively costly for small and large businesses alike, but the Native App model locks users into using a specific device compatible with the App - limiting the potential audience and the barriers to a consumer engaging with the service. Rather, a web-based application can allow for similar functions/features right from a browser - a familiar process for many consumers. 

DCODE GROUP specialises in designing and developing cloud-based services - whether it’s a management system or subscription system, if you have a web-browser, you have a well-functioning platform for your “app” / subscription service. 

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