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4 Tips to Create SEO Friendly Content

"Organic Rankings" refers to the ability for your website to rank highly in search engines without paying for advertising. When it comes to your organic search rankings, your website content is a very large part of whether you will achieve high rankings. For reaching a wide audience (ie Audiences across a range of search terms) try these tips. Don't forget, just because you've already got existing content it doesn't mean you can't update it.

Headline Optimisation

Headlines are the first thing a reader sees (and sometimes the last if it's a bad one) about your content. The most important thing to remember is don't make headlines longer than 70 characters. Think about the topic of your content - what is it doing? Brainstorm headlines until you find the one that best answers that question.

On the 12/4/2017, John Mueller of Google said you can use as many H1's as you want but keep in mind he was talking about this from an SEO perspective. It's critical you know how to use your headlines correctly. Too many H1's get confusing for readers so it's important to limit your H1's to what your topic is about, then use your H2's to expand on them and give context.


Page Structure

Now this is from a technical SEO perspective, but one that is critical for search results: Search Engines decide what to display based on how your headlines are structured. Make sure the most important information goes in H1 and then work backwards from there. Remember your H2 provides context for what your H1 and content is about.

Image Optimisation

Properly optimising your search results gives you a double opportunity as you can show up in image results too. But don't forget, images that haven’t been properly optimised will affect your speed and loading times which if not done properly can have disastrous results on your performance.

This blog post is talking about image optimisation in more depth

Keywords and Readability

Readability relates to its simplicity or complexity, and sometimes there is no right or wrong answer. But if you are providing complex content, then consider your target audience - what type of content is suitable for them. When it comes to your keywords, they are useful to indicate what the content is about, but be careful not to keyword stuff to provide balance. There is no optimal number for keywords, but one of the best suggestions is to 'write naturally' or in a conversational style.


These tips are easy to implement for your content however we've mentioned some technical aspects which is not everyone’s strong point, but luckily it's ours. We regularly help our clients to do a technical check of their SEO to ensure they are achieving the best rankings possible. If you need some assistance in checking your site, get in touch so we can assist you further.


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