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It's A Marathon, Not A Sprint: How to build your online presence

Building your brand online is no longer just a way of increasing your exposure, it's a necessity. The Internet is almost always how your customers first interact with you. This is how you build engagement, promote your leads and increase your sales. So when you are building your brand online, it's important you take the time to work out your strategy and the approach that is going to suit your business requirements; this is how you can effectively start to gain traction. Keep in mind though that despite the immediacy of technology and the Internet, it will take some time to gain that traction. Building your online presence is a marathon, not a sprint.

It's all too easy to think that an online presence will deliver quick results. The Internet has brought with it a level of “now” that we have been accustomed to.  But oddly enough; building your brand online is not an instant process.  In order to have results you need engagement, and in order to have engagement you need consumers/traffic on your site. This takes time and while some methods will be faster than others, no process is instant.

Use your existing networks

One of the best ways to build engagement is to leverage off existing relationships you have in place. It's no secret that referrals and word of mouth are an extremely powerful tool. 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know and customers are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend. Speak to your current clients, suppliers, and partners about your site. Especially with your clients, let your work speak for you.

Create and monitor your SEO

The other important method you must consider is your SEO. To ensure you are found online by potential customers, your information and content available online must be relevant to your customers and your business. Having a blog as part of your website is a good way to provide fresh new content on a regular basis. Doing this will assist in creating content for search engines and help you be found. But don't forget, the structure/coding of your website is just as important as your content. These SEO blog posts here and here talk about how to structure your website and content correctly.

Manage your social media 

While looking to build your own content, ensure that you remember to make use of other freely available and effective tools including Google My Business as well as Social Networks that are relevant for marketing your business.  These are often overlooked, but can lay solid foundations for establishing your brand online.

Building your brand online does take time. So it's important from the outset you realise the tasks required and commit to engaging in them on an on-going and regular basis.  Having a plan and working on it regularly will give you the best chance of making an impact with your brand online.

Work out a schedule for adding to your on-line presence; using Social Media to drive traffic to your online presence; engaging with customers to seek feedback; and then monitor how you are tracking. Based on this cycle, you can begin to build on your experience and shape an on-going strategy to build your brand online.

If you can provide resources and attention to this process; as time progresses you will notice a return on your investment.

Nearly all businesses have an online presence in some form these days, but if you need some assistance in developing a strategy or getting a boost but need some assistance with the process, then let’s talk further. Maybe you’ve already got a great online presence, but it’s time for a refresh.

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